call5 is the iPad App of the touch5 project. Native Objective-C App installed on the representative’s device it gives them a great experience when preparing, executing and reporting a visit using CLM and interactive materials (eCalls).

During my 2 years and half working at usacd I worked exclusively building the call5 app from the ground, creating and defining many of the key features of the app and some of the whole project (including the server). A first release of the app was ready in 5 months time, and during 2 years I kept maintaining the code, adding features and clients requests, and updating it for new iOS releases.

The platform was selected by companies as Bayer Healthcare, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, MSD and many others. And it’s being used in Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands…

Key Technologies: Persistence (CoreData), Networking, Multithreading and HTML5.

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