1 year living in Berlin

Berlin winterToday it’s my first anniversary since I moved to Berlin. It’s been a great and intense year full of learning, change, and great moments.

I knew I wanted to move to Berlin for a long time, so last year on Summer I came on holidays, I had such a great time, and a job opportunity at a Start Up appeared. So I decided I didn’t wanted to wait anymore, I went back to Barcelona just to quit my job and move to Berlin within a month time.

Not everything was as I expected. The Start Up I started working for had financial problems, and the specifications changed so much that after 2 months I had to take the decision to quit. At the same time the App I had just released with a friend was not profitable as we expected. And I missed my friends and family more than I had imagined I would.

I was in my dream city with no job and little income. I had (and have) a parallel project that couldn’t give me much money, but it’s a project I believe in and I wanted to invest time in it. I had 2 options, get a job or put myself the “freelance” badge. Something I had in mind since before coming on holidays to Berlin, I even replaced my MacBook Pro with a MacBook Air to maximise my mobility.

I decided to bet on myself and try to be a freelance, I gave myself some rest (after years of working too much), enjoyed the city, and worked on projects I wanted to do. If after Summer I wouldn’t be able to make it I would get a job. Winter is almost here and I happily remain as freelance.

This year I’ve learnt many things in many ways. To save money, you never know what’s coming next. I’ve become better at making friends, I’ve been more present in real life and less in virtual social networks. I’ve learnt to help and connect people, people has helped me, sometimes you cannot give it back to the one that helps you, but help somebody, it will come back. I’ve learnt to relax, and don’t work too much, (when I arrived to Berlin on holidays I was sick mainly because of exhaustion). More recently I’ve learnt to sacrifice nights, parties and weekends to work. I’ve enjoyed lots of travelling. And I’m learning to a freelance 🙂

Thanks to old friends for support and advice, thanks to new friends to make this year so great, to my family for support me although it was not a very easy change and to the people I’ve worked with for the trust.

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